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What is the qamig?

The QAMIG is a questionnaire that enables you to determine your group interaction style based on your tendency to favour certain interaction patterns. Its name, QAMIG, is the acronym for the first version of the questionnaire developed in French. Each generated report indicates your likelihood of using each one of these patterns. Thus, the respondent is better able to identify the potentials and limits of his/her group interactions.

The QAMIG is also an interpretation guide in which each pattern is illustrated and described. First, a general overview of the main characteristics of the interaction pattern is provided. The second part is focussed on the patterns’ underlying beliefs and tries to shed light on the group’s work representation as well as the convictions at the base of the interaction pattern. As for the third part, it illustrates the pleasures relating to each pattern. It presents the specific gains and the systemic usefulness of pleasure, and the various ways it can contribute to group dynamics.

The fourth section gives you pointers that allow you to evaluate the extent to which the interaction pattern used is suitable or not, as it is taking place.

The fifth section shows how every interaction pattern tends to self-perpetuate. And finally, the last section explains how group members or the person himself/herself can play a part in averting the self-perpetuating mechanism, thus countering the potentially negative effects of this interaction pattern.

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The 6 patterns of interaction provides you with ways of contributing to the team. Knowing about these patterns will enable you to better understand relational dynamics (harmonious or conflictual), therefore making it possible to act upon them more effectively.

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  • Outshining impacts, as it allows you to
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  • What is the qamig?
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